Tips To Decorating DIY Wedding Cake

wedding cakes

Fresh Flowers

Edible flower decorations out of sugar are common, how about you try to ditch the extra sugar and put fresh flowers instead? Your cake will look absolutely stunning! Plus it’s unique and perfect for floral themed weddings.


Feeling artistic? Then incorporate your talent on your cake by hand-painting it. Just make sure to practice a lot. Painting on a canvas and on a cake are totally different things, you don’t want a less than perfect cake for your big day.

Make Your Own Décor

Are you more of the hands-on type of person? Create your own decorations! It doesn’t matter if they’re not the usual cake ornaments, as long as you had fun doing them and both you and your partner are happy with it. You can search for ideas and do your own version of them.

While you’re busy stressing over you cake on how it looks and how it taste, don’t forget to make sure that your cake vendor is using Simply Plastics Clear Acrylic Rod for the cake stand. This will ensure that your decors won’t go to waste because it will not warp, crack, craze, or corrode when subjected to prolonged exposure outdoors.

Cake Topper

If cakes aren’t really your thing and they feel a bit traditional for you but you still want to appreciate the cake-cutting part, a cake topper might help. You can make it more special, fun, and personal by picking a topper that represents you both as a couple in the most honest way it can.

Outstanding Quality Wedding Ring

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 14.32.45Finding wedding rings that you and you partner will like is not as easy as it looks. There are so many styles, materials and settings. And what should you do if you are after a unique diamond wedding ring? Here are some suggestions for the perfect 9 carat wedding ring.

For a wedding ring purchase that will last forever, there are essential considerations to make. You’re going to wear this special ring for years, so it should be perfect. Whether you prefer traditional bands or unique types use the following tips and choose the perfect ring style for you.

Precious Metal
Selecting the right metal for your wedding band is an excellent place to start. Numerous precious metals are currently available. All have varied styles and properties that make them more personalised.

White Gold
White gold wedding rings perfectly complement platinum engagement rings. These rings are plated with rhodium so as to improve their appearance. Even though this type of plating is expected to wear off after a while, it can be re-applied, making your wedding ring appear good as new.

Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is an excellent choice for traditional grooms and brides-to-be. Generally, the 22-carat gold is too soft to wear on a daily basis, so consider purchasing a White gold Orla James wedding ring, 14 carat, or 18 carat gold wedding ring. These rings are usually combined with stronger metals so they’re suitable for day-to-day use.

Platinum Rings
Modern couples usually choose this type of ring. It’s a white-colored metal which is extremely tough. Likewise, it stands well in terms of daily wear and tear. It is rarer than gold. Although it’s more expensive, platinum rings last forever.

In case the platinum ring’s price blows your budget, you can always buy a palladium ring, instead. Palladium rings have been regarded as a popular alternative to platinum due to its similar color.The only difference is that palladium rings are more budget-friendly.

Titanium Rings
Titanium ring is a contemporary jewelry metal that’s strikingly different in shade compared to palladium and platinum. This ring feels light on your finger and scratch-resistant.

Other contemporary metals that have similar properties and appearance include tungsten carbide, black zirconium and zirconium.

Shaped Rings
After deciding on the type of metal that suits your style and budget, the next thing to consider is if the ring complements your engagement ring. Remember that both rings are worn side by side, so it is a must that they be compatible.

You might have overlooked the profile of the ring; however, you’ll notice subtle differences once you’ve compared the styles. In this case, the remedy is to buy a shaped ring. Other terms for this item are a fitted or curved wedding band.

The shaped wedding ring come in various designs, including the delicate curve, cut-out and a pronounced Z-shape. Even if you don’t need the ring to be shaped, you still have to take into account the ring profile. Available choices are flat profiles, court shape and D-shape.

Second, you will find great variety of loose diamonds in different shapes. The shape of your diamond should complement the shape of the ring
Finding a unique wedding ring is not as difficult as you may think. With so many options available, you can surely select something exclusive that you will enjoy wearing for many years.