Tips To Decorating DIY Wedding Cake

wedding cakes

Fresh Flowers

Edible flower decorations out of sugar are common, how about you try to ditch the extra sugar and put fresh flowers instead? Your cake will look absolutely stunning! Plus it’s unique and perfect for floral themed weddings.


Feeling artistic? Then incorporate your talent on your cake by hand-painting it. Just make sure to practice a lot. Painting on a canvas and on a cake are totally different things, you don’t want a less than perfect cake for your big day.

Make Your Own Décor

Are you more of the hands-on type of person? Create your own decorations! It doesn’t matter if they’re not the usual cake ornaments, as long as you had fun doing them and both you and your partner are happy with it. You can search for ideas and do your own version of them.

While you’re busy stressing over you cake on how it looks and how it taste, don’t forget to make sure that your cake vendor is using Simply Plastics Clear Acrylic Rod for the cake stand. This will ensure that your decors won’t go to waste because it will not warp, crack, craze, or corrode when subjected to prolonged exposure outdoors.

Cake Topper

If cakes aren’t really your thing and they feel a bit traditional for you but you still want to appreciate the cake-cutting part, a cake topper might help. You can make it more special, fun, and personal by picking a topper that represents you both as a couple in the most honest way it can.